Types of Spray on Foam Insulation

At Energy Seal, Inc., our spray foam insulation contractors realize that your home is one of your most important assets. Keeping it looking great while keeping your overall costs down is our main goal. We have listed below a few other insulation options.

At Energy Seal, Inc., while we recommend foam insulation, we do provide insulation services using other material dependant on your budget and or requests. Contact us today for more information on all of the services we offer.

 Energy Seal® Spray Foam is a series of spray-applied polyurethane foam insulation systems which are designed for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The liquid polyurethane is sprayed onto surfaces and immediately expands to form an airtight insulation barrier.

Energy Seal® offers numerous quality insulation, roofing, and sound absorption systems depending on your personal needs and budget.

Energy Seal® Spray Foam reduces the amount of pollutants and allergens that enter the building structure. Rain water is eliminated from entering the attic, reducing the risk of fungal growth and damage to the building materials.

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Open-cell Spray Foam Insulation

Open-cell insulation is most often used for residential homes. The particles are not as dense, thus they can move and breathe with the wood in your house.

closed-cell Spray Foam Insulation

Closed-cell spray foam offers the greatest R-value per inch of all insulation materials and it eliminates air gaps in the building envelope that you experience with conventional insulation. This means better control of moisture, drafts, noise and other environmental effects. You will benefit from lower utility bills for both heating and cooling for the life of your home.

Contact Energy Seal today for more information regarding our spray foam insulation services and learn how you can save money on heating and cooling bills immediately!

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